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6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid, So You Can Create a Badass Email Campaign

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It may be over 40 years old, but email is still one of the most important and effective marketing channels. It has a high ROI, can be easily customized, and your customers can access it when it’s convenient for them. Whether you have a kickass email strategy already or you’re starting from scratch, we compiled a list of six mistakes you should avoid to create or maintain a high-performing email program.


  • [00:17] Today’s topic: Market like a badass with a results driven plan
  • [00:44] Your audience learns differently
  • [00:57] Mistake #1 Poor quality lists
  • [01:33] Mistake #2 You’re not welcoming new subscribers
  • [01:57] Mistake #3 Bad subject lines
  • [02:32] Mistake #4 Emails that don’t load well
  • [03:02] Mistake #5 Unengaging Content
  • [03:49] Mistake #6 Not measuring the results that matter
  • [04:26] AOverwhelmed? Let us help!Overwhelmed? Let us help!
  • [04:53] If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of executing your email campaign, contact us here at The Source Marketing Group.
  • [05:23] Email is one of the most effective marketing channels, but it’s not always easy.


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