Are you ready for Yahoo and Google’s technical requirements starting February 1st?

Google and Yahoo account for 70% of all email addresses on subscriber lists.


Prepare Your Email Program for Yahoo and Gmail's Technical Requirements

This quick, how-to course show you what you need to know to comply with Google and Yahoo’s new sending requirements so you don’t lose out on potential revenue when Gmail and Yahoo start deferring or rejecting non-compliant mail.

This training will cover:


What changes you need to make if you’re a bulk sender


Recommended best practices for keeping spam complaints in compliance


How to authenticate your records


How these changes impact your business and bottom line


The dates you need to know to ensure you are sending compliant mail and not going to spam

Email marketing

You need this mini-course if….

  • You're sending multiple messages that are fairly identical in nature to an audience of more than one person
  • You don’t want to lose out on up to 70% of business revenue (because 70% of subscriber lists are Gmail and Yahoo inboxes!)
  • You want to protect your domain and infrastructure from phishing, spoofing, and other attacks

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