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The Source is a
female-founded cannabis + beer marketing agency

The Source for
Creative Cannabis + Beer Marketing

We’ll take a progressive, forward-thinking approach so your dispensary or brewery will stand out from the crowd, all while prioritizing the community of customers that helps make your brand great.


Email Strategy + Campaigns

Need to get value out of your email list, grow a list of subscribers, or get your emails out of the spam box? Trying to find a channel with a high ROI within advertising regulations?

Web Design

Website Design + Development

Pushing out a CBD line or experimental beer? Need a website that you can quickly update with new products? Your website needs to be fast, effective, and capable of converting customers.

Event Management

Event Management

What is the cannabis or beer industry without great people to enjoy it with? The Source handles all logistics and execution to make any event unforgettable for attendees and easy for you.

Not Generating Enough Sales?

We provide a bright, fresh take on your cannabis or beer marketing. Find out how we can drive more conversions and increase your bottom line.

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We love our work. But at the end of the day, what matters is that our customers love it, too.

See Some of Our Work

<h4>Full Funnel Marketing</h4>
<h3>MJ Stack</h3>

Full Funnel Marketing

MJ Stack

<h4>Web Design and Development</h4>

Web Design and Development


<h4>Web Design and Development</h4>
<h3>Green Dragon</h3>

Web Design and Development

Green Dragon

<h4>Email Marketing</h4>
<h3>Doobaa Cannabis Delivery</h3>

Email Marketing

Doobaa Cannabis Delivery

<h4>web development  & email marketing</h4>
<h3>Heyes Medical</h3>

web development & email marketing

Heyes Medical

<h4>Event Management</h4>
<h3>Rocky Mountain Brew Runs</h3>

Event Management

Rocky Mountain Brew Runs

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