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Industry Trends, Investment Tips, and Takeaways From Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

The Benzinga buzz is still going! We had a productive trip to Benzinga in Hollywood, FL doing on-site interviews for Market Like A Badass with our Season 4 media sponsor, Strike Visuals. Attending the cannabis capital conference for the first time was an eye opening experience. The format took a departure from traditional conferences or…

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Klaviyo vs Alpine IQ: Why Klaviyo is Better than Alpine IQ

With all the heavy compliance regulations and so many options on the market, making strategic decisions about your marketing technology stack can be overwhelming. Your MarTech stack’s efficiency and effectiveness can contribute to your business’s bottom line. Finding the stack that best fits your business’s unique requirements takes time. We created this guide to help…

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We’ve Been Nominated for Agency of The Year

It’s my greatest honor to be writing this blog to celebrate being nominated for agency of the year! We’ve been nominated, alongside five other talented industry peers, as agency of the year. We were selected as the top six nominees out of over 3,000 nominations. We are so proud to be part of this group…

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Using Marketing Automation to Supercharge Your Sales & Increase Customer Loyalty

Our CEO, Kristin McFarland, is honored to be selected out of more than 1,200 applicants to speak at MJBizCon. Join us at the world’s largest cannabis conference to hear Kristin speak during the marketing forum. Buy tickets at and use code SPKMJB2310 for 10% off. Check out the session details below: Date: Tuesday 28…

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How to Grow Your Email List In The Cannabis Industry

Growing an email list is essential for any cannabis business or dispensary looking to increase customer engagement and repeat sales.  It allows you to create relationships with your customers, build trust with them over time, and offer incentives that keep customers coming back. But how do you go about building a large and engaged email…

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Hops and Hemp: What Cannabis Companies Can Learn from the Craft Beer Industry

As we shift gears from the biggest cannabis holiday event of the year, 4/20, we have our eyes set on Craft Brewers Conference (CBC). Craft Brewers Conference is America’s largest craft brewing industry gathering. The comparable in cannabis is MJBizCon, the world’s largest cannabis conference. There’s a reason our team works in cannabis and craft…

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Which Email Service Providers Are Cannabis and CBD Friendly?

Whether you’re a new license holder getting started with email or a multistate operator (MSO) growing their list and email program, it can be challenging choosing the right email service provider (ESP) for your marketing needs. On top of that, if you’re a CBD or cannabis brand, you have even more limitations and restrictions when…


10 Cannabis Email Marketing Trends in 2023

Let’s be real, it can feel daunting stepping into 2023 as cannabis companies hemorrhage employees in layoffs, are navigating new and mature markets, and facing an impending economic recession. We should all be aware of trends and best practices so we can be as intentional with our marketing spend as possible. We already shared why…


Why Your Dispensary Should Make the Switch from Wix to WordPress

Introduction One of the questions I get asked a lot by people unfamiliar with the website world, is which platform should I be on? Often, this leads to questions about Wix. In the cannabis industry, Wix websites have gained some popularity from a segment of new founders who are just starting out in business and…

Best Cannabis Email Subject Lines

75+ of the Best Cannabis Email Subject Lines (and why they work)!

Subject lines determine whether your subscribers will open, read, and take action on your message or offer. This means subject lines are the most important part of your cannabis email. Will your subject line entice a subscriber to convert to a sale or will they flat out ignore it? Even worse, are your subject lines…

MJBizCon 2022

The best (& the worst) of MJBizCon

As someone who has directed over 250 events globally, I was excited at the idea of attending MJBizCon, a three day cannabis conference and expo with over 1,400 exhibitors, 140 speakers, and 35,000 attendees.

Premier Cannabis Website Agency

The Premier Cannabis Website Agency

If you haven’t heard, we are WordPress experts that build high converting websites for cannabis clients. We’ve led custom technology projects as well as scalable solutions to help our clients win in a competitive marketplace. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our endorsement on 10buds, one of the top reviewers of marijuana…