Cannabis marketing case studies

Heyes Medical


The partners were looking to test the market through a landing page and ecommerce page promoting a new product. The intent was to run a 4 week marketing campaign to monitor click rate activity on the website and understand the market's reaction to and engagement with the product. Based on interest, the partners would invest in the first bulk order of the cannabis accessory product.


We built a three page website to get initial gauge of public interest and have a place for interested buyers to land. We gained over 30,000 impressions, over 700 web visitors, gained new email subscribers to communicate with ahead of product launch, and other huge wins. The market testing also allowed us to gain consumer insights, create audience segmentation, a winning keyword strategy for their website, and content pillars for creating impactful marketing content in the future.

Additionally, the partners pivoted their model after testing, finding that B2B was actually showing a lot of interest, meaning they could have other means of distributing their new product either in stores or through wholesale vendors.