Cannabis marketing case studies

Grandma's Pot Shop

Grandma’s Pot Shop had just opened their doors and was looking to establish their online presence and develop a website that would integrate with Dutchie POS. The only results that showed up when searching for their dispensary was bad press from a local news station about a mural on their wall.

We sat down with them to do a brand discovery and understand their story, goals, perfect customer, and more. We wanted to bring their brand to life and incorporate their physical location attributes (mural, etc) into their website.

We learned the story of the mural and how the customers loved it and it was part of their efforts to give back to the community and bring arts to their town. We also learned that it really was Grandma’s house and the owner repurposed Grandma’s property into a family-run pot shop. We wanted to own that story and pay homage to their story and the mural across the website, making the visitors feel like they were at Grandma’s.

We brought their story to life and created website graphics, email templates, and website messaging that would reflect their love and support for the community.

See how we developed the onsite experience.

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