Cannabis Email Marketing for Hail Mary Jane

Email Program Launch Case Study


  • Dank City Delivery had made $0 from email in the last six months through their last marketing agency. They knew they were missing out on much needed sales and opportunities.
  • They needed to migrate to a new email service provider and relaunch a robust email program to nurture and convert online traffic, as well as build their loyalty program.


  • First, we ran an audit and diagnosed the root cause of their deliverability problems.
  • To ensure they could drive revenue from email, we had to:
    • Update the technology infrastructure.
    • Migrate to Klaviyo from Omnisend to allow better reporting, segmentation, and integrations.
    • Add SPF and DKIM to protect their domains.
    • Warm new domains to separate marketing and transactional emails.
      • Pro tip: the reputation of the IP address, domain, and email address all play a role in getting your email into your customer's inbox rather than their spam folder.
    • Re-warm their primary domain to increase their deliverability score over 6%.
  • Klaviyo was set up with brand materials and branded templates.
  • Set up integrations with their loyalty program, POS system, Jane Technologies, Klaviyo, and Alpine IQ so that we could create sophisticated segmentation strategies based on website and other engagement behavior.
  • We established seven critical marketing automations to support their customer lifecycle marketing. These emails capture customers in their micro moments, based on behaviors such as adding a product to the cart and so on.
  • Now, Dank City Delivery can make money while they sleep!