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A Sneak Peek Into My Internship at The Source Marketing Group

As a high school student, it’s hard to know what you want to do when you grow up. Fortunately for me, I am part of the High School of Business curriculum at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado. Being a senior this year, one of my classes this year is to gain practical experience in the business world through an internship. I was lucky to find The Source Marketing Group, a Denver based company, as they were willing to take me in as an intern. Getting to work alongside the President, Kristin McFarland, has been a very eye opening experience for me. Kristin has created six different modules that we will review throughout my internship experience. Each module is unique, and will allow me to get a good feel for services marketing and how it works. The six modules will include: marketing basics, client calls, marketing content vs content marketing, social media, technology, and packaging services. 

Module 1: Marketing Basics 

This module is focused all about the business model for The Source Marketing Group. I am learning how the company operates as a fully remote team these days, as well as learning who the different clients are. 

I had the opportunity to engage by participating in a few client calls. From these calls, I have grown to understand how to work in a fast paced environment, and how to navigate through the different tasks that the client’s request to be done.

Module 3: Marketing Content vs Content Marketing

I am in the process of learning the difference between marketing content and content marketing. Content marketing consists of focusing on a small subset of marketing. Whereas marketing content encompasses the meat of marketing. There are many ways to market for a business. Me writing this blog is a good example of that. 

Module 4: Social Media

I hope to learn during this module more about the ins and outs about how to leverage and utilize social media for a business. I am excited to help create and post social media ads for the various clients of The Source Marketing Group in the near future.

Module 5: Technology

Technology is a beautiful thing. In today’s world, through the use of CRM systems, Google Analytics, and Marketing Animation Tools, I can learn and understand how marketers gain insights. By leveraging these insights, smart marketers are able to run very successful campaigns.

Module 6: Packaging Services

I am excited for this last module, because this is where we bring it all together. This will show me ways that marketers innovate and think differently, and how they develop an integrated marketing plan. 

While this internship is only a 20 hour commitment, I believe that this will provide me with a great framework that I can take to college. I am interested in studying business while in college, so I think that the framework that my internship will provide me, can only support me. Lastly, I am going to put in a shameless marketing plug for Kristin and The Source Marketing Group. I have had a great experience so far as an intern, so I would highly recommend The Source as a services marketing collaborator. 


Author Profile: 

Nathan Lewison is a senior at Monarch High School. He is currently an intern with The Source Marketing Group as part of his requirement for the High School of Business. He is looking forward to graduating high school in May 2021 and continuing on to college.